Monday, July 11, 2011

It is mine!! Mine, mine, alllll mine! (insert evil laughter here)

At the Yarn U event at Lebanon, MO this weekend, I got me a drum carder!! WHEEEEEEEEE! Imagine the photo above, but with a sweet brush attachment and covered in brown & cream llama fiber. LOTS of LLAMA! I also bought a bag of a washed llama blanket from Whirlwind Ranch.

It's a beautiful thing, made by Hogge Millwork in Iowa. I'd been looking at the ashland drum carders for some time, but both my husband and I were impressed by the woodwork and precision of this creation. We'll see how it holds up. So far, it's amazing!

Also, it's 7-11 Day! Can I get another Woo Hoo? WOO HOO! Get yourself to a 7-11 for a free slushie! Click HERE to find a store near you. I'm thinking a coke & cherry icee sounds like a perfect breakfast for a day that's going to be 148 degrees outside. :)

Better photos soon, I promise!

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