Friday, September 10, 2010

Yay for Knitting Roundups on One Pretty Thing!

Have you seen One Pretty Thing? She's the queen rounder-upper of all things crafty on the innernets. I *heart* her blog very much. She has crafting roundups, diy roundups, free printable roundups, kids craft roundups, crocheting roundups, crafty reading roundups, KNITTING ROUNDUPS! and roundups I can't even remember. I love this blog because it really goes through the TONS of stuff out there and picks out the cool bits in craftiness for me to check out! Click HERE to go see the newest Knitting Roundup!

Guess who's little twisted drop stitch video is listed in the most recent roundup? YAY! Now get out there and KNIT you a super speedy, cool scarf! You can use any type of yarn, from handspun art yarn to cascade 220 to *shudders* fun fur. I'm just sayin' it COULD be done. Holiday knitting is coming closer and closer. Crank out a few scarves and start putting DONE check marks next to names on your Good List. :)

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