Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I have not knit for over 32 hours now

No, I am not dead. I have not broken all 10 fingers and toes. I am not blind (although my stupid retina issues from the big wreck in Jan are giving me big black flashes of light and three semi-permanent spots I'm going to have to give names to if they hang around much longer). I have put the knitting down. And walked away.

There may have been cursing.

Yup. You know how you can feel like a freaking GENIUS when you've knit something? This amazing power. I. MADE. THIS. You create a piece of clothing with substance, style and warmth out of some sticks and strings. You are a CREATOR of KNITTERLY things. You, my friend, are a GENIUS. Well, see above for how knitting can bring you back to reality. I am an idiot. I shouldn't be trusted with sharp sticks. How do I manage to feed and clothe myself on a daily basis? Yeah. And people think knitting's boring.

I broke a cardinal rule of knitting. I knit one sleeve on size 7 dpns. I found the sz 7 circular needle before beginning the 2nd sleeve. I knew it was wrong. I knew bad things could happen, but I was a CREATOR. I have a good and solid gauge. I didn't NEED to follow rules that apply to mere mortals. I got kicked in the arse. TWO INCHES wider. Yup. I don't have the heart to frog it back. I put the knitting away and will come back to it another day and start fresh on dpns like a good little mortal. I will leave the other monster sleeve and if I need the yarn to finish the sweater, will put it in the freezer and then frog it. Otherwise, it may become a freakishly long hat, which just happens to match the sleeve edging of my sweater.

I couldn't bring myself to pick up another knitting project, so I pulled out a bunch of noro kureyon wool scraps and a crochet hook. And I crocheted. and crocheted. and crocheted. I've got about 3 more half-skeins to go. Then I'll use the tails to secure the roses & toss them all into the washing machine to felt up into a lovely woolly bouquet.

I tried to remember the last time I've gone more than 24 hours without knitting something. anything. even a round on a sock. I can't remember. It's a little bit frightening. Am I the only one? Is that strange? ok, is that strange for a Knitter? Even on my honeymoon I put in a few rows after getting up in the morning on a sock. I think it's been over 5 years of knitting something Every. Single. Day.

OK, I have a super sweet (and not at all freaky like today) post coming SOON of amazing knitterly things I received when I got back from the uber-family-vacation. It involves MOHAIR and HAND KNITTED SHAWLS and CASHMERE and PICC LINE COVERS. Knitters rock.

I got a kick out of this photo when I was going through the vacation shots. You know how vacation photos always show the group SMILING and casual and posed in front of the mountain/lake/ocean? Well, I think this shot is a bit more realistic. I don't actually remember this instance, but am pretty sure you could substitute the following caption...."Get your ARSE OFF of [your brother, the edge of that cliff, the top of the van, your sister, etc] and don't MAKE me come over there!" We had such a good time! (and yes, that IS a yarn t-shirt I'm wearing. I got it from Twist, a cool LYS in Wichita, KS.)

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