Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Your White Trash is Showing....

I apologize for the last wimpy entry. I was outnumbered, half deaf and quite overwhelmed. Scary White Trash Mama came out about an hour after the last post. OH yeah. YELLING Scary White Trash Mama, who is definitely NOT afraid of 9 yr old boys. Damn I do love her. Let's just say by 10:30pm all boys were either in beds on the floor or couches in the big tv/fireplace room. They all realized it was in their best interest not to upset the system. Or to upset the Mama. Lights were out, voices were at a whisper. Calmness reigned. I let them watch cartoons and as long as children stayed in their proper beds and voices didn't get loud enough for me to hear them upstairs, they could stay up as long as they wanted. They were all out cold by 11:30. Slept till at least 7am! The next morning they were totally behaved, normally squirrely boys. They played video games, legos, race cars and said "please" and "thank-you" at breakfast. I even overheard the boys comparing notes on how this was the "best sleepover EVER" so apparently I didn't scar them for life. I was able to sit and spin all morning with a smile on my face. Scary White Trash Mama rocks! I do love my alter ego's.

Note to self: The next time each mother jokingly (or totally serious in one case) gives me permission to beat upon her children, I need to ask if I can give them a little bit of benadryl instead. :) OK, OK, I'm totally kidding now. It is a pretty thought, though. It's really a miracle anyone ever comes to our house, isn't it?

Ok, this is totally a summer project for me. A table top at a local bar & grill had a design all made of BEER BOTTLECAPS! How cool would a table of Mike's Hard Limeade bottlecaps be? How much fun would it be to GET all those bottlecaps? I see many very, VERY easy knitting projects ahead for me this summer. Friends don't let friends knit drunk, and all that. right?

My poor-woman's niddy noddy. The key to it is to insert an old-time long, skinny metal knitting needle or tunisian crochet hook inside the bobbin and then the winding takes MUCH less time and effort. Of course, I didn't hit upon that little idea until the 10th bobbin I wound. Yes, I have a real niddy noddy in the plans for hubby to make for me and I have friends that have some I could borrow, I just was ready to skein up some yarn at 1:30am. What's a girl to do? It worked fabulously.

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