Friday, February 20, 2009

Felted Knee Pads and Calcium Pills

Well, I felted the wild & crazy thing. I thought I would felt it, fold it and make it into a purse with 2 pockets. HOLY CRAPAMOLY that thing felted THICK and HEAVY! It must weigh 5 lbs. There is no way you could haul that thing around and call it a purse. I've found a new thing for it to be. I am apparently in need of knee pads, elbow pads and probably big toe pads. I don't know how I'm going to make it as an old lady. I fall down ALL the time now. If these bones get brittle, they're gonna be snapping like twigs unless I outfit myself with some serious padding or become spontaneously graceful. Just in case, I'm adding calcium pills to my morning routine.

Yesterday I took a trip (quite literally) to the local grocery store. Only needing a few groceries, I used one of those short carts. On the way out, enjoying the sunshine, I was not paying very close attention to the cart. (Seriously, who does? How hard is it to PUSH a SHOPPING CART anyway?) Well, said cart's front wheels hit a divot in between the sidewalk and parking lot. I ran into the cart HARD, cart flipped over and pretty much took me with it. (Don't know why I grabbed onto a flipping object to try to get my balance.) SO, dented cans are rolling along the parking lot, I'm laying on my face STILL holding the handle of the cart and people are just WALKING BY me. One old man did turn his head to me with a strange expression on his face. I thought he'd at least ask if I was ok, or OFFER TO HELP ME OUT. No, all he did was say "wow," and not with much enthusiasm either. Cripes. It wasn't just a little losing-one's-balance-stumble, this was a spectacular flip and fall and I was actually LAYING on the GROUND with the breath knocked out of me. I must have been on the ground for over a minute. Two young stockboys finally ran outside to help gather both me and the groceries and I took my dented canned goods, dented milk jug and dented knees, elbows and toes home.

I'm used to falling down, I do it all the time...roller skating, ice skating, icy parking lots, normal dry sidewalks, stairs in my own house, etc. The only strange thing was that I bruised both below AND above my kneecaps. How do you do that? I must have really crammed myself into that cart before the flip. wow.

Other than creating new bruises, I ended up getting busy at my knitting and spinning projects as well last night...

Plied two extra large bobbins of purple heaven from fiber bought at the Yarn Barn. I've got another 2 lg bobbins' full yet to spin and have to return my rented wheel on Sunday, so will hopefully crank the rest out this weekend.

Plied the final bobbin of wool from Daisy the sheep that Teri brought home for me from the Wamego shop.

Sewed up and refelted the accidentally-felted sleeveless sweater into a cute little bag, knitted and felted an icord handle to boot. I'll probably give this to my cousin's little girl. It's adorable. Not nearly as adorable as the original sweater, but ah well.

Frogged BY HAND the tubey sweater I knitted long, long ago. I also hand-wound all the funky pinkish yarn into skeins, soaked them and hung to dry.

I also made 4" square swatches of both the daisy spun yarn (from an earlier spun & wound skein) and the grey frogged yarn above. I don't think I've ever in my life knit an entire 4" square swatch. I'm totally a swatch cheat and usually only make my swatches about 4" wide by 1" long. I also wet and blocked said swatches. I've never done either of those things before.

My goals for the weekend are to finish spinning & ply the rest of my purple fiber and to darn a crapload of socks. My sock drawer has recently gotten quite empty. I'm down to maybe 3 pairs without holes. If I put it off any longer there won't be any socks left to wear!

Have a good weekend everyone! I'm going to just try not to fall down. :)

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