Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Because nothing says "Here comes the bride!" like a giant goiter on her chin...

Holy crapamoly. I'm still here. I'm just not quite here. Better blogging next week, I promise! In the last week and a half, I've survived being part of the motley crew that put on the Knitting in the Heartland convention that SO SO SO rocked. OH man, there's something liberating about being among that many other yarn junkies and feeling totally normal! Ok, so not quite totally normal. I think I scared a few women when I was moaning and trying to decide which yarn to buy at that damn Textiles a Mano table. Damn I loved that yarn. So I ended up buying yarn there at least three times that I can remember. The last time I almost made it without buying anything. Almost....you see, when there was only one big-ass skein of gorgeous earthy brownish yarn in my hands the thinking was "what could this be?" I almost set it down and walked away. But then there were two. Yes, BUT THEN THERE WERE TWO! Two skeins of 800+ yards for $22 each and they were soft and did I say gorgeous? TWO SKEINS? 1600 YARDS? That could grow up to be anything. It was too much for this yarn junkie. It went home with me. Along with a crapload of other fibery goodness. I've not even piled it all up for pics for ravelry or blogland yet.

Stefanie Japel? You all know how much I love her designs. I think I'll ask to be buried in that sleeveless cascade 220 sweater if I've not worn it to bits. If you've not bought Fitted Knits yet, go get you one. The book has so many good patterns and just good common sense taught so you can make other things fit that way too. I'm still floored by the idea that you can convert any kind of a flat pattern sweater into a top-down or bottom-up raglan with simple math. That realization was magical for me, just like the time I turned my first sock heel. Pure knitting magic.

Joanna, Johanna, Teri, Sandra, Carmen, Holly, man we put on one hell of a fun show. Seriously. I had a blast. You guys rock. Thanks for dragging me along for the ride.

Let's just say I bought so much yarn that I wasn't even sad that I wasn't able to visit even one yarn shop when I went to Minneapolis right after the convention. I think it might even carry me over for the non-ability to purchase vacation/honeymoon yarn. I'm thinking there will probably not be very many yarn shops on the islands of the Bahamas. You never know, but I'm actually feeling like I've bought enough yarn lately. How scary is that? Yeah. There was a LOT of yarn bought. Pictures soon. OH and the knitting project bag I got from Carmen's table? Oh man. It's freaking amazing. It's black on the outside, quite respectable, with the lining that is so cool I find myself flashing people (mostly knitters so don't worry) with the inside lining peeking out. Again, pictures do better justice. I promise. Soon. It rocks.

What else? So Knitting Convention done. check. Trip to Minneapolis for a three day interview. check. Got home to a bullying issue with my daughter that freaked me out but she didn't seem too worried. Police and principal involved and took care of everything. check. Negotiation of job offer. check. Accepted job (I get to stay in KC). check. Wedding and family party in FOUR DAYS. OK, since it's almost midnight it's probably closer to THREE DAYS. crap crap crap. The fact that it was SNOWING here in the morning of last weekend didn't have me worried. It's Kansas, right? Weather changes. In fact it was gorgeous today and in the upper 60's. But then the weather forecast is calling for snow and rain at the end of the week. It's an outdoor barbeque and I am wearing my damn sundress one way or another. check.

Explanation of the giant goiter zit on my chin. And a few brewing on my right cheek. And at least 11 more across my entire face. Not worried because 14 zits must be lucky. You know, I could have 13. That would be bad. right? An almost forty year old bride should not have freaking zits on her chin. It's just not right. This one is so big that I may have to knit a cozy for it. A zit cozy? Oh yeah, I'm doing just fine here. No freaking out or losing my mind what-so-ever.

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