Friday, March 07, 2008

Introducing Picovoli the Third

OK, so let's hope that third time really IS the charm here. I truly LOVE the first picovoli I made which met with an unfortunate felting/shrinking episode that I've still not had the heart to chop and turn into something else. The second one? Well, that was the leaky boob sweater, shown on the sidebar as the cover pic for the fuglies. MAN, that is one funky looking sweater. ANYWAY, introducing the new and improved NOT GOING TO FELT THIS FUXXER Picovoli.....

Pattern: Picovoli by Grumperina
Yarn: 3 balls charcoal Lavish 100% superfine alpaca in light worsted, 1 ball indigo Lavish light worsted
This yarn? A divine, luscious, soft, loverly thing to work with. If the grey wasn't just a little bit hairy I'd have licked it. So, ok, I did actually lick it when I was doing the spit splicing, so there you go. Bought at MisKnits. LOVE this stuff. Once I find the two lost balls, I may need to get some more and figure out a striped hat or something.
Needles: size 6 I think, I've already lost my memory. Yes, I just took it off the needles a couple of days ago, but *poof* it's gone.

Can you see the itty bitty purple stripe at the bottom just above the garter bottom edge? I actually had 4 skeins of the charcoal in my stash. I know this because I'd originally entered it into ravelry like a good little organized knitter. Then I proceeded to take out one ball of charcoal and one of the purple to swatch for something and *poof* who the heck knows where they are now. The stashmonster has outgrown his pretty cedar chest. And the four drawers of my dresser. And the plastic tubs under the bed. I do know they're somewhere in the house. I'd normally never have put these two colors together, but it's growing on me. There's not enough of a contrast and I was really wanting something warm but soft and knitterly to wear under my boring black jacket at work. This pattern is my all-time favorite thing to knit. Entirely knit in the round with NOT ONE BIT of finishing other than weaving in ends. How much does that rock? I'll probably add a little crocheted slipstitch or single crocheted edge in purple along the top edge and armholes if I ever find that other ball of purple. If not, I think it's entirely wearable and lovable as is.

OK, so that "quiet little simple ceremony" I was thinking of for April 19th? Well, it's quickly morphed into a big-arse blowout party. We're in need of some ideas of how to keep approximately 25-30 kids entertained. I'm thinking one of those rented blow up jumping things you see at school carnivals. Jeff thought a clown. Nope. Not after poltergeist. Not gonna happen. They freak me out. Do any kids actually LIKE clowns? Kids that don't grow up to be serial killers, that is? ANYWAY, if you've got any ideas for mid-April in Kansas, which means there could be snow, there could be rain, or there could be beautiful sunshine and happiness. We're going to rent a tent, for cripes sake. It's gone HUGE. Ah well. I'm not walking down any damn aisles and I'm not being escorted. Not. Gonna. Happen. I've been there, done that and so has Jeff.

Ah well. I'm sure it will get thrown together in time. The current plan is for my two brothers and Jeff's brother-in-law to bring over their grills and to be in charge of hotdogs and hamburgers. Yes, HOTDOGS and HAMBURGERS. We're going high class here. No dressing up, people will be in casual party mode. Jeff will wear a hawaiian shirt and his wedding socks (as long as those get done in time) and I will wear a fabulous sundress (thank you Teri for helping me find a damn pattern!) with an absolutely stunning knitted shawl (thank you Chery!) that will make me look like a million bucks but will not make it SEEM like I'm trying to look like a million bucks. I will be that magical 15 lbs lighter. What dream world? It could all happen. In less than six weeks. While I'm learning a new job. And doing the supermom run-around crap that we all have to do. sure. It could happen.

Did I mention this sweater was made with luscious yarn for under $20? $4.80/skein and I used almost all of 4 skeins for the size S but added about 3 inches in length. Seriously, how much does that rock? Go on and make you one.

At least I have a rockin' new sweater, huh? OH, and the whole promising no more pitt shots while I learn to use the timer function on my camera? Did anyone actually think that would happen? Yeah. That's the risk you take reading this blog. There. May. Be. Pitts. But there'll be lots of yummy yarn to equalize the whole ick factor.

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