Friday, June 29, 2007

Getting felt up at the pool (in a knitterly fashion, relax)

OH I love finding knitters. Lately they've been just coming out of the woodwork. I'm not doing anything different, I knit wherever I go. I'm "that knitting mom" when I'm sitting outside school or in pta meetings or in traffic (only at red lights, no worries). My main on-the-go knitting project is a plain old 3X1 ribbed pair of socks, something I can cram in a bag and pull out when I need to. I get into the water and play for a while, but the kids have more energy than I do, so after a while, I head to the lounge chair in the shade and pull out my knitting. I took my lacey tank top (pictured yesterday) along last time I took the kids. I sat there lounging, watching the kids and knitting away. After a while I noticed this mom looking more often and I smiled. She came over to admire. She said she's also a pool knitter, but today she was finishing up a book and didn't have her yarn. I showed her my project and she just lightly petted it with a look of longing. I offered her the ball and project and she SQUOOOOSHED it good. THAT'S a knitter. I loved it. We chatted, we compared, we squooshed, we bonded. I love that shit.

I meet my share of "Oh. You knit. I knit too" people who just stand there LOOKING at you. They're all very nice. They may knit, but they're not my kind of knitters. My favorite people are KNITTERS. Knitters who can't keep their hands off any fibers in the surrounding area whether it belongs to them or not. Nothing's more fun than being offered up a new yarn to feel up. LOVE THAT. Maybe it's just me. Do I offend other knitters when I ask if I can pet their yarns? I think that's the highest praise, to get a "ooooooh yeahhhhhhh" from a person squooshing the fiber I'm using. Maybe I just like being around people as nutty as me, it makes me feel normal.

Speaking of squoooooshy, Check out what Chery brought me back from Estes Park, CO Fiber Fest!!!! Oh holy crap, you just have to take my word for it, but this stuff is heavenly. Great squoosh factor, dyeable, 700 yards of cormo sheep wool. I can't decide if I want to dye some of it first, or knit and then dye or leave natural. It could make 2 pair of socks or a pretty wrap.....oh the possibilities. Did I say my favorite kind of knitter was one that let you feel up her yarn/feels up your yarn? Oh no. My favorite knitters are the ones that bring you heavenly presents of yarn and THEN you get to squoosh all her stuff. Not only did the woman teach me to do the 2socks on 2circs toe-up thing, but she gives me presents? oh yeah.

Here's what's on the needles right now except for 2 pairs of socks that are out in the car and I'm feeling lazy. Jeff's sweater is slowly getting longer, I've got about 20 more rows and then I have him try on again and decide if it's time to start the bottom ribbing. I'm going to be pushing it on yarn, damn I should have bought more at first. I may head out to KnitWits to see if they've got any more of this dye lot in the back. cross your fingers, otherwise I'll do the sleeves in another dye lot if I have to. I've also started a basic rolled edge hat for my best friend out of some brown sheep worsted (love that yarn) and that's the 3rd start of a crocheted ripple blanket for Joey made out of some big ol' pound things of acrylic crap. I've got some off-white and some variegated blue/green/offwhite/brown stuff. I'm learning that when you crochet the last stitch and then you make the chain 3 and turn, your damn blanket gets one stitch longer each time. nice.

My knitter's elbow is now hurting not only when I knit cotton yarn too long, now it hurts when I knit anything. Actually it hurts when I don't knit too. I'm teaching myself how to knit continental and spending more time crocheting to try to give it a rest. It sucks. I do the whole stretching and resting and knitting with my hands in different positions and such, but it's just not working.

Heading to the lake in a couple of days. Bringing one of those ugly floaty things that keep your glasses from sinking to the bottom of the lake. Jeff's going to have his boys for 8 days down at his lakehouse, which is pretty rustic. Since my daughter is gone with her dad for 4 weeks, it's just me and all those boys. Jeff's two and my one and Jeff. They don't bathe when they're "lakin' it". They barely brush their teeth. All peeing is done on trees. (They HAVE a bathroom, it's just not as much fun as peeing outdoors) I think I can handle about 2 1/2 days of this testosterone and then I'm running for civilization. It's a good time, but about 2 days is good enough for me.

Oh, and GUESS WHAT?????? KC has a new knitting shop!!!!! WOO HOO! Teri, the yarn whisperer, also is apparently omnipotent. She knows all, she knits all. She found out about a brand-new just opening shop! MisKnits is located at 3904 Terrace St in KC MO. They just opened up on Monday I think. I'm heading over this morning and will give you guys all the goods.

OH, One more enabling thing.....DSW has their monster shoe sale going on right now. 80% off a bunch of stuff plus triple points if you're a member (which you can sign up for free and then get your bonus points.)

Damn I hate being poor. I'm going to have to behave myself. Mostly. But I need something special to help me get through the whole boys peeing on trees thing, right?

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