Tuesday, March 29, 2011

mo-o-THER!! one of your hands is ORANGE and the other is GREEN! (whisper yelled)

I've found it! I've finally, finally found it! The perfect explanation to use when we're questioned for doing something the rest of the world finds odd and we find just being fibery people!

We were at my daughter's high school-to-be at the pre-tryout cheer meeting. Holy crapamoly those high school cheerleaders are freaking INTENSE. You know what's even MORE intense than them? The cheer coaches & teachers. I was signing us in on the sheet when I heard this "*gasp* OH...My...What?" from the head coach. Lizzie whisper yelled "mo-o-THER!! One of your hands is ORANGE and the other is GREEN!!" I looked at the coach and said, "Oh. Well, I'm an artist." The coach's eyes got big, smiled at us and said "OH, how exciting!" I replied, "Yes. Yes, it is." It was awesome.

(And, yes, that is in fact three empty 1.5 gallon tubs of vinegar in the background. I was dyin' my arse off last week. There's nothing better than the smell of vinegar & wool, baby.)

How many times have you tried to explain your yarn at the office on the desk, in every tote bag and purse you own, your orange & purple fingers (or maybe that part is just me)? The more you try to explain the amazingness of the fiber world, the more people's eyes glaze over and they start backing slowly away from you in a non-threatening manner.

Go on, use it. It works in almost every occasion. Try it. "Oh, I'm an artist." That's all you have to say. It's funny that an "artist" gets instant approval while Crazy Yarn Girls/Boys just get strange looks and lots of gossip in the elevator.

Oh, and for the record? My hands were not "orange" and "green". They were crumbling brick red-orange and pouting peacock teal.

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