Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sounds of yesterday

Mom! Mom! Aren't you supposed to be up getting ready for work? Mom! MOOOOOMMMMMMM!

License and Registration, please
(This one actually ended up in a warning only. Stupid 25 mile and hour road that I cruise along all the time not paying attention. Thank GOD for the KS State Highway Patrol, they still believe in warnings. I'm not a fan of the local police department here lately so when the lights flashed in the rear-view mirror, a few extra choice words were heard in the truck. Good thing it was at lunch from work, so no children had to witness the language.)

pssssscht Bottle of Mike's Hard Limeade opening at the end of a long day.

click, swish, click, swish, click, swish, click, swish sound of my addi turbos clicking along on the pi shawl. I never noticed before what a sweet, relaxing sound that is.

Road trips rock. Six hours each way, no driving! I only brought along projects I need to complete. Nothing new, shiny and pretty and enticing. None of the sweaters calling my name. None of the pretty new yarns begging to be started. Just plain old sitting-quietly-in-ziplock-bags old, boring projects. Finally finished up the honeymoon sock #2. Finished Jeff's fugly socks. Now that they're finished, they're not quite fugly. The yarn has grown on me a bit. I've got a couple skeins left of this Colinette Jazz mid-weight yarn. It may have to become thicker socks for me. Maybe. But not to be started for a while. Maybe a hat. ALMOST finished the edging on the pi shawl. DAMN that takes a long time. The shawl seemed to knit itself since it's just plain old stockinette mostly with a few rows of k1, YO thrown in at various points. I still don't know what the hell I'm going to do with a circular shawl, it's not my style what-so-ever. Ah well. I'll finish it and then figure it out. I've still got a crapload of the lace yarn.

Send a few good healing thoughts our way, please. Joey's going in for a sinus roto-rooter kind of surgery tomorrow morning. He'll have some polyps cut out and the goo all sucked out and cultured to see what's growing in his head. Poor kid. He's a trooper. This should help him out on the sinus infection stuff. He's been on various antibiotics for the last 6 months straight.

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