Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Zing! KaPow! Zowee! Mild Mannered Office Drone by day, SUPER KNITTER by night!

Ever feel like SuperKnitter? I totally did today. Yes, I had entirely too much time on my hands and had fallen asleep last night to American Life channel with that old Batman and Robin show with all the POW! Zoom! WOW! stuff.

Seriously, I don't feel like SuperKnitter because I've completed a technically amazing piece of knitting. No, it's because I'm wearing three hand-knit-by-me sweaters to work this week. Tuesday I paired the recycled cotton from a VERY fugly tempting into Tomato from the No Sheep for You book with a white denim blazer. ZING!

Today I wore my friend the Sizzle with a white & red patterned blazer. I had to frog off the shoulder trim because too-tightly bound off 100% mercerized cotton on my pits is not a pretty thing. ow. I never even replaced the trim, I think it looks fine. Professional woman again. KaPOW! (And my bra wasn't showing through this badly, it was just from the flash. I promise!)

Tomorrow I plan to pair my JUST COMPLETED ChicKami from Bonne Marie Burns. Damn I love this sweater. I've knit 3 now. THREE SKEINS of Frog Tree cotton/silk blend bought from Misknits. Three skeins. This may be the cheapest sweater I've ever made. By itself, a very cute summer top. Paired with a funky blazer from Chico's? Mild mannered office woman indeed. I won't wear it with the jean capris, but will probably put it on with a long denim skirt. Zowee!

Man, I gotta tell you, these designers all show their sweaters off modeling the sweater, standing in front of a beach, or hanging in a tree in a beautiful glen. They don't know what they're missing. Nothing shows off a sweater like a headless pit shot. I can't imagine why I get no calls for my photography skills.

OH, and the bags at Knit Wit, that little shop in Olathe? You know the ones, the kind-of-cloth-ish fabric totes you get when you spend over $100? Yeah. They're hot pink now. Ask me how I know. Well, Six skeins of Cascade 220 and a few pattern books later and I'm the proud owner of this one here. See what happens when the computers go down at work and SuperKnitter is told to go out and run a few errands for an hour or so?

Go on and be a SuperKnitter too. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to liberate a sweater from its imprisonment deep in that bottom drawer or way back in the closet. My sizzle and tomato sweaters were just waiting for a hero, for their chance to shine. You know you probably have a couple hidden away somewhere too. It's amazing what a blazer can do. Find one, fix it if it needs it or cover whatever bugs you and WEAR your knitting!

You don't even have to say "kaPOW" under your breath while walking around the office, but it totally helps.

Oh and Jeff is absolutely my superhero too. Not only did he put in a new fake-walnut laminate floor in our kitchen and front entryway this past weekend, the man rigged up this angled wooden platform under the bunny cage and now their poop rolls into a bucket for easier disposal. Zowee!

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