Friday, April 19, 2013

Bathroom Knit Stalking

Cutest Lamb Ever photo sweetlittlesmilinglamb.jpg

So yesterday in the bathroom at work there was this coffee cup sitting on the counter with the cutest little lamb on it you ever saw. Not this lamb, but I wasn't able to get a photo without looking like a serious CREEP as there was some traffic in the bathroom. I will say I tried, but gave up after the 2nd attempt. Anyway, a normal knitter would've probably made note of the cup and went on her way....but I've not ever claimed to be a normal knitter.... Let's just say my hands were VERY clean as I kept washing them over and stopping each time someone came near the cup, then back to washing hands again. After the owner finally claimed the cup, I asked if she was a knitter. After complimenting her on her lovely handknit cabled sweater and she on my lovely shawl (knitted by my dear friend CheryKnits) we had a short chat about yarn, knitting and how sad it is that Knit Wit is no longer open in Olathe. I did behave myself enough to not follow her all the way to her desk (it's a big building) so I wasn't a truly creepy knit stalker, just a normal knit stalker. Knitters. We're EVERYWHERE!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Still Alive and Still Knitting!

Treasure Goddess Sock Yarn Blanket Closeup photo sb3.jpg

Treasure Goddess Sockyarn Blanket photo sb2.jpg

More knitting on my Sock Yarn Bits Blanket....LOVING it! I put 4 rectangles together by using 3 needle bind-off and I use it alllllll the time. Warm and snuggly without being too heavy! I'm reworking the free pattern, so should have it out soon. :)

Treasure Goddess Ugliest Blanket photo ugly.jpg

Also found a bit more of the Schafer Elaine yarn in the stash so the Ugliest Blanket Ever gets to grow a little longer. It's sure ugly, but it's also warm! Now that it will be long enough to cover you from chin to toes while napping, it should enter into more demand in the household. It still looks like a migraine, though. wow.

Treasure Goddess scarf in action photo scarf1.jpg

Hand Knits in ACTION! Wearing a lovely warm mohair scarf while waiting in line back at the NCAA tournament in KC. Got to see KU win (earlier in the tourney) and while it was FREEZING outside in line, I stayed toasty by using a tall guy in front of me for a windbreak and wrapping my neck in mmmmmmohair! YAY!

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