Monday, October 19, 2009

So Christine, how was your weekend campout?

Holy crap-a-moly, it truly was! Good times were had for most of the weekend, but I have to say that was one of the longest nights I've spent. I am not cut out for this kind of thing. A fair weather tent in a heavy frost? Froze my freaking butt off. Our other choice was bunking in the rock shack. A gorgeous, neat building with a fire pit and walls. And rat poop. Lots and lots of rat poop. The rats were temporarily moved out, but I didn't really want to take the chance after hearing the story of Jeff waking up one night to a rat chewing on his hair. ACK! All in all, a great weekend. Here's a few highlights...

The kids had a great time riding horses, dirt bikes, 4 wheelers (all with helmets), playing hedge apple baseball, creating a monster bonfire and keeping the fire in the rock shack pit going strong. We spent a long, cold night listening to packs of coyotes, Big John the bull MOOOOOOOOOOOing from the pasture over the hill, dogs barking, kids snoring and that damn rooster cock-a-doodle-dooing at 1:30am, 3:30am and 5:30am. We awoke to about 15 visitors, one of which was over 2000 lbs. It's a good thing Big John the bull has a sweet disposition. I have to say I love that my husband made me a port-a-potty almost as much as I love that he stained & painted & assembled my spinning wheel. It rocked.

Oh, yeah, this is a KNITTING and SPINNING blog, right? Here's a shot of what's on the drying racks at home waiting for a photo session to be loaded onto the TreasureGoddess etsy shop.

Actual knitting content coming soon. I've been going to town making a few Thorpe hats. Some out of handspun, some out of Nashua creative focus chunky 75/25 wool/alpaca. I'm even working up one with a big floppy, pointy top. Airplane knitting rocks. Off on business to Minneapolis, the land of yarn shops on every corner! I love this town.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Yarn School!

Boy, I gotta post more often. Too much to report. Basically, Yarn School was just what you'd imagine. Creative people, fabulous food, fiber, fiber, fiber, spinning, knitting, chatting, fiber squooshing, cute wooly critters, good times all around. I was much more laid back this year. I pretty much just took it as a little vacation from the real world and stayed up late curled on a couch reading spinning & dying magazines and books, creating awesome batts from fiber I'd bought plus some provided by Nikol. If you can ever get yourself there, do it! She's got Yarn School and Felt School in the Spring and Fall every year. I also scored on some sweet destashing from other Yarn School attendees.

Here's what my couch looked like for the past week:

Here's a little bit of what I created this year for my personal stash enhancement. My goal was not to just dye orange fiber. I know. Really. I thought I wasn't. I ended up dying rust, sunset, pumpkin, spices but absolutely not orange.

Here's a couple of the batts I created. I call them "My Little Pony Barf". Not that they look like what a My Little Pony would barf up, more like someone or something chewed up a bunch of My Little Pony toys and, well, there you go. Let's just say that after about 1:00am, I embraced the sparkle.

My view in the evenings:

Gee Mom, I wanna go....but they won't lemme go.....Gee Mom, I wanna go back to Yarn School! Dang real world called me back much too quickly!

Friday, October 02, 2009


WOO HOO! 20% off ALL PURCHASES on my TreasureGoddess Etsy Shop all weekend long!! From Friday 10/2 through Sunday 10/4, I'll refund 20% of the purchase price by paypal (not including shipping fees).

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Pumpkin Spice Treasury and YARN SCHOOL! WOOT!

Please click the cool treasury pic above to go see it in real life. The more people that click on the individual photos, the higher ranked this treasury becomes and the more exposure the artists get, which makes us very happy. Any comments on the treasury would be highly appreciated as well. (I'd totally be your best friend!) Thanks to On a Roll Cozies for creating the treasury and including my pumpkin patch sockyarn in it! There's some REALLY cute wristlets on there and yummy pics and other fun stuff. OH, and On A Roll Cozies has some fabulous mp3 & coffee cup cozies, go check out her shop when you get a chance. She sells knitted objects and patterns as well.

YAY! I love Halloween and pumpkins and the cooler weather just makes me want to KNIT KNIT KNIT and SPIN SPIN SPIN. So, perfect timing, but guess where I'll be headed tomorrow? YARN SCHOOL! WOOT! (ok, I don't even know what woot means, just that people use it when they're very excited. I'm a techno-challenged dork.) I have to go a half-day late and miss the festivities of the Thurs night evening get-together, but I'll be there by mid-day Friday. Going to spin, dye, knit, eat, veg out. I really REALLY need a break from the daily grind. It's grinding me down. Hard. Good thing there's knitters about to help bring you back out of a funk, isn't it?

Many fiber filled photos to come after the weekend, I'm sure. WOO HOO for YARN SCHOOL!!!!!
Have a great fiber-filled weekend, everyone!

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